30-05-2016 10:51

Curaçao: Institute for Financial Crime, IFFC

The IFFC is a network platform that aims to bring together organisations and professionals in the battle against financial economic criminality. According to initiator Ruud Hamers, there is a great deal of knowledge among official detection bodies and private enterprises. Elements of this information help fighting the battle against the so-called ‘white collar criminals’.
The IFFC was started in the Netherlands. There, it can count on the collaboration of a large number of participants including accountants, lawyers, banks, insurance companies, forensic services, police, justice departments, criminologists and supervisory institutions.
The goal is to create a similar institute in Curaçao. Ruud Hamers runs a forensic company and is a private player on the market. "Insurance company Ennia and Dutch Deloitte Caribbean have already joined. We have started discussions with police, the Public Prosecutors’ Office and other public and private organisations."
 IFFC offers its participants access to a unique network, state of the art methods and instruments and education and training. Sharing information is not an integral part of the genes of the parties that battle fraud, says Hamers: "And that is understandable. But sharing detection techniques and methods is crucial and can be transferred by means of training. Organisations are very much interested  in that."
According to criminologist Nelly Schotborgh, the people of Curaçao  actually do recognize irregularities, but are not used to addressing the culprits. “They are afraid to be labeled as traitors. But you see that people are getting fed up with this crime, a change is taking place at the moment."
Foto credits: Dick Drayer
Source: Caribisch Netwerk